Undocumented Student Guide to College

For the past few months we have been working on a guide to help undocumented students in Michigan apply and enroll in college.  Applying for college is a very difficult challenge for students without legal status, especially because there is no set guidelines that tell students which schools to consider, what are their options, or even what to fill in for the residency and citizenship checkmarks.

This is the first of its kind in Michigan, providing an easy to understand, step by step directions on what to do if you’re an  undocumented student looking to apply to college.  The guide starts with figuring out what high school to choose, the best classes to take, and how to start saving and preparing for college.  It focuses on the major aspects of applying to school from the perspective of an undocumented student.

We not only want this guide to give practical advice, we also hopes it inspires undocumented students to pursue higher education. Many undocumented students feel like there is no hope after high school. This guide serves as a resource to help the many Michigan undocumented students access to higher education.  DOWNLOAD GUIDE HERE!