All of our work is done with an equity lens. We have direct community members working on issues giving training that has proven to be affective in our communities. Trainers have been through multiple leadership development trainings and developed these trainings to work for our communities.

Training Costs:

$1,000 per training (3-4 hours per training) for 24 people 25-35 people is an additional $300 per training for an additional trainer. $2,000 for one day training for 24 people.
Additional trainings after 2 are $700 each (additional trainer price remains at $300 per training for additional people)

(Price can be negotiated with a student organization. Contact us to discuss details. Non-incorporated organizations can also receive a discount)

*Transportation and housing is not included in final price of contract (Can be gas, flight, train depending on travel length.)

Trainings are developed for your organizational needs. You work with us to tell us what you are looking for to develop a training that fulfills your organizational/ community needs. These can be one day or multiple days depending on what you need.

Trainers are all people of color that have lengthy experience in community organizing.

These are a list of trainings we offer:

The fundamentals of direct organizing
Choosing an issue
Developing a strategy
A guide to tactics
Developing leadership
Planning and facilitating meetings
Immigration Rights
Technology in Organizing
Power Mapping
creating an organizing team
Event planning
Group development
Individual vs. Systematic issue
Media 101 (Traditional)
Organizing 101
Organizing techniques
Public speaking
Oppression/Role of an Ally
(can be focused feminism, racism, ageism, etc)
Social media
Story of self
Theories of organizing
Direct action arrest training
Working in collaboration

We also offer discussions on:
Role of an Ally
Undocumented Fight
Standing Rock Experience