Covid-19 Help
1. Contacting Businesses exploiting people during COVID-19 (We have successfully gotten five to close and several others to increase safety measures)
2. Helped 5 women get released from a detention center during this pandemic  
3. Working on getting more women and men released
4. Helping undocumented students apply for college
E-mail us for help or a digital presentation for students
5. Helping teachers better understand and assist undocumented students
E-mail us for a digital presentation with staff
6. Provided N-95 masks for doctors that support us that are working on a COVID-19 cure  
7. Collecting information to better assist Undocumented people during COVID-19 (need help? Fill this out)
8. Translating information on COVID-19
9. Creating Spanish informational videos on COVID-19
10. Collecting funds to help Undocumented people  
11. Sending funds to women in detention centers to purchase hygiene products  

Census 2020

We have received a grant from the Community Foundation to work on the 2020 census. Our mission is to ensure we answer all questions from the undoucmented community to make sure all of us are being counted! We also want to remind folks to include their children on the census since we have the pleasure of having so many followers with young kids!

Holiday Helper

Since 2014, we have held an annual Holiday Helper. After we were notified undocumented families were being turned away from traditional gift giving programs due to the lack of a social security number, we decided to help on our own! The first year we were able to help 24 children, in 2019 we were able to help 300+ children get at least one toy from their holiday list!

Unfiltered Discussion

The Unfiltered Discussion program was started by youth in 2019 to address issues in our society that are not addressed. Our first discussion was on the Muslim Ban and we had over 50 people attend to hear what youth had to say on the topic. This past summer our board member Rashida Tlaib was a guest speaker at our Allies for Immigration101 event. She passionately pledged her support and encouraged others to stand up for one another and not purely rely on elected officials. 

Summer Youth Program

For the past five summers we have held a program allowing youth to challenge their minds in the summer. In the past we have been able to fundraise and provide folks with small stipends to participate in community organizing training, job skills training, and leadership skills training. This past year we partnered with GDYT (Grow Detroit’s Young Talent) and we were able to pay 11 youth to participate in a summer full of learning and growth!  


Books for a Benefit provided our non-profit with a grant to build a library in our building. Community members all joined together to transform a broken space into a safe learning environment for students. Our volunteers meet weekly to help tutor youth in the space in math, science, reading and writing. In the summer we host our summer youth program in the space. We also leave it open to community members to use it if they need to host a meeting of their own at no charge.